Archie Mario's Chronicles Issue 1
Publishers:Archie Comics
First Appearences:Mario,Luigi,BlueToad,Yellow Toad,Peach,Bowser,Koopa,Goomba,Kamek, ,Toadsworth,Shyguy,MushroomKingdom

One day Mario and Luigi were plungging a toilet when all of a sudden,they got sucked into the toilet.Mario and Luigi found themselves in a Mushroom World.They started walking and were attacked by a monster named Bowser.Mario and Luigi were getting defeated by Bowser and his army that suddenly appeared.But they were saved by Yoshi,BlueToad,YellowToad, and Toad.After the fight Mario,Luigi,and their new friends went to the castle and ment the Princess.She was nice and Mario formed a group called the Freedom Fighters(Sega Approved for their idea).

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