185px-Super Mario Generations

The Title Screen for the Game

Super Mario Generation is the Upcoming video game for Mario's 28th Anniversary.It is for Wii,3DS,and DS.


Modern+Classic Mario

Modern+Classic SuperMario(Mario with Cape+Star+FireFlower)


Modern+Classic Luigi(In all versions,World1 Friend)

Peach(Wii only,World2 Friend)

Yoshi(Wii only,World3 Friend)

Toad(Wii only,IsleDelfino Friend)

Toadette(Wii Only,Area 1 Friend)

DiddyKong(Wii Only,Grand Canal Friend)

Daisy(Wii Only,World 4 Friend)

DonkeyKong(Wii Only,WonkeyWaterWay)

DixieKong(Wii Only,SpinDigGalaxy)

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